<h5>Abuelitos Piscando Nopalitos </h5><h5>Barbacoa para Cumpleaños</h5><h5>Barriendo de Susto</h5><h5>The Blessing on Wedding Day/La Bendición en el Día de la Boda</h5> <h5>Felino's Breakdancers</h5> <h5>Burning of the Codices</h5><h5>Cakewalk</h5><h5>Cama Para Sueños (bed for dreams)</h5><h5>Cascarones (Easter eggs)</h5><h5>Cleaning Nopalitos (cleaning cactus)</h5><h5>Cumpleaños de Lala y Tudi (Lala and Tudi's birthday party)</h5><h5>Curandera</h5><h5>Curandera (faith healer)</h5><h5>Earache Treatment Close-up</h5><h5>Earache Treatment</h5><h5>El Milagro (the miracle)</h5><h5>Empanadas (turnovers)</h5><h5>Hammerhead Shark on Padre Island</h5><h5>Hormigas (ants)</h5><h5>La Feria en Reynosa (the fair in Reynosa)</h5><h5>La Llorona (the crying woman)</h5><h5>Las Posadas 2000</h5><h5>Nopalitos Frescos, (fresh cactus)</h5><h5>Nopalitos Para Ti</h5><h5>Para la Cena (for dinner)</h5><h5>Prickly Pear / A little piece of my heart</h5><h5>Quinceañera</h5><h5>Sandia / Watermelon</h5><h5>Sandia / Pedacito de mi Corazón (watermelon / little piece of my heart)</h5><h5>Eva</h5><h5>San Francisco Mission District Youth</h5><h5>Tamalada</h5><h5>Tito's Gig on the Moon</h5><h5>Una Tarde / One Summer Afternoon</h5><h5>Virgen Guadalupe</h5>


Definitions & Descriptions

Gouache – Gouache is a water color paint that is opaque, similar to tempera paints but of a much finer quality.
Alkyd – Alkyd is an oil base paint that has been altered to speed up its drying time. It is mixable with regular oil paints.
This image is available for commission as an oil painting – An image that has been painted in gouache on paper can be commissioned by a collector to be painted in oil on canvas in a bigger size.
PA000 – This is the numbering system in the Garza archives.