Fine Art Prints

These fine art prints are available for purchase directly from Carmen Lomas Garza.
The prices range from $300 to $2,500.
For a price list and ordering information please send an email to:
lasecretaria [AT] carmenlomasgarza [DOT] com

Lithograph & Block Prints


<h5>Las Peleoneras (the fighting girls) </h5><h5>Baile (dance) </h5><h5>Nopalitos (State II) (cactus) </h5><h5>Sandia (watermelon) </h5>


Digital Prints


<h5>Cake Walk 2003</h5><h5>Cumpleaños de Lala y Tudi </h5><h5>Curandera 2004 (faith healer) </h5><h5>Nopalitos 2000</h5><h5>Quinceañera 2006 (15th birthday celebration)</h5><h5>Tamalada 2003 (making tamales)</h5><h5>Tito’s Gig on the Moon 2004</h5><h5>Earache Treatment / Ventosa 2007</h5><h5>Empanadas 2010</h5>